Port Dover Harbour Museum

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July 1 – December 14, 2018



During the 20th century, in the small town of Port Dover a business grew that would dominate the floral industry in Canada. With over 500,000 square feet of greenhouses and 40,000 square feet of warehouses for hard goods, Thomas A. Ivey & Sons, would become the second largest wholesale retailer of flowers in the country. At its height, Ivey’s employed 200 staff, not only in Port Dover, but in their offices in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Saskatoon. By the time the company closed in 1992 it was Canada’s oldest flower retailer. To the people of Port Dover Ivey’s was much more than a massive industry; it was a family and its roots were entwined in the community. The exhibit explores the history of Ivey’s and their reach across Canada through photographs, marketing materials, and objects from the company.

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